This Agreement is a legal agreement between you and City of Spices that states the terms and conditions under which you may receive the City of Spices service and use the City of Spices website

By using City of Spices you agree to these terms and conditions.

Personal Information

Through normal business, City of Spices may collect customer information including contact and delivery details, purchase history and credit card details. This information will remain confidential and will be held securely, and will not be disclosed to any third party without written consent of the owner, except in cases where the information is necessary to carry out the transaction entered into by the customer.

Product Availability

City of Spices provides online grocery shopping and delivery service as described below:

  • City of Spices does not guarantee the availability of items sold on the website; item may become out of stock without notice; we do our best to avoid this but the very nature of the business makes this unavoidable.
  • City of Spices reserves the right to limit quantities in certain instances; you will be informed of these limits if they must be enforced.
  • City of Spices is also not responsible for packaging changes made by the manufacturer. Items should be ordered according to the product description and not the product image.
  • City of Spices has to the best of their ability provided accurate package sizes, these are to be deemed as estimates and not as 100% reliable as manufacturers frequently offer periodic bonus sizes and change the packaging sizes without notice. In instances where there are no sizes listed, this generally indicates that only one size is available.
  • City of Spices is not responsible for or liable for product recalls, defects, or any other less than perfect product from the manufacturer or supplier of the groceries.

Expiration Dates, Returns and Nutritional Data

City of Spices guarantees that the ordered item will not have expired before they reach you.

If ordering in bulk, keep in mind that City of Spices is not responsible for products that expire after they reach you.

City of Spices will ship out products with the latest possible expiration dates but these expiration dates can vary greatly by product and manufacturer.

City of Spices reserves the right to cancel an order if, in its opinion, an expiration date does not provide sufficient time for consumption. Nutritional data is not guaranteed to be accurate; for the most up to date

Nutritional data is not guaranteed to be accurate; for the most up to date information, it is always best to contact the product manufacturer. City of Spices obtains this information from a third-party; nutritional data information that is empty or displayed as “0” means that information is currently unavailable for that item.

Accounts, Payment, and Charges

After registering, you will be asked for your e-mail address and password allowing you access to certain features of the City of Spices site. Your password should be kept strictly confidential to prevent unauthorized use.

You are responsible for and agree to pay promptly, all charges to your account, including applicable taxes for purchases made by you or anyone you allow to use your account.

Inputting an incorrect delivery address will subject you to an additional $10.00 charge; this is the charge that Couirer penalizes us. Also, shipments returned to us as undeliverable because of an incorrect or bad address will not be reshipped unless you agree to pay the cost of the return shipping fee plus the cost to reship the order to you. With this in mind, it is wise to double check your address when placing an order.